Can I Win the Bidding War?


If there is a very desirable home that just came up on the MLS, and the market in that area is hot, its time to act fast, as there will likely be a bidding war. There are some strategies that you can use to be sure that you are the one that wins; though, you can never ensure you’ll win in a bidding war. It all depends on who offers what the seller wants most, and then some. read more For most people, that isn’t an option. Not to worry, there are other strategies if you can’t pay all cash. find out more here These include getting pre-approved for a loan, getting an underwriter approval, offer conventional financing, or increase your earnest money deposit.

The important thing to remember, is that you must present something that is hard to turn down. Matching what the seller desires in price, terms, and closing timeline is going to peak the sellers interest. Your agent can help you find out which terms matter. These may include offering at list price, shortening contingencies, and being flexible about the closing date. we buy houses in Chandler Arizona The seller might also favor your offer if you:

• Move quickly to get the offer completed
• Submit the offer fast so it’s first sell house fast by owner in Hillsboro Oregon in the stack
• Summarize key offer terms and highlight the ones that matter in a term sheet.
• Include a letter detailing what you like about the house
• Include a photocopy of the If you get out-bid, you want to be confident in the knowledge that you pushed to your limits but that the other buyer ultimately paid a price that doesn’t make sense for you.

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What Will I Be Shelling Out to Sell My House?


Many homeowners, when deciding to sell their home, get excited because they think about all the things they can go do read more This is why it can be a very disappointing experience when they find out their home is worth much less today than what they previously paid when they first purchased it.
When this happens, sometimes you might need to make a decision on if you should wait or not. to say what a home will sell for. we buy houses in St Petersburg Florida Your realtor will be able to tell you what similar homes in the neighborhood Acknowledge, that you will be paying them a commission; and expect it to be a hefty portion of the sale price.

You’ll need to get the title insurance, to prove that all loans are paid off, and all judgments and liens are paid off. The cost of title insurance depends on the state the house is located in; this will be your financial responsibility, sell house fast by owner in Tucson Arizona not the buyers.

You also will be fronting the closing fees; and the money won’t be returned. we buy houses in Richmond Virginia records, which can be a few hundred dollars. read more

You’ll also be covering the taxes and the utilities sell house fast by owner in Greenville South Carolina up until the day the house is sold. we buy houses in Madison Wisconsin Also, neighborhoods that have an HOA have to pay a monthly fee. we buy houses in Warwick Rhode Island The contract will determine who pays these fees in negotiation. read more

The mortgage pay off on a house you are selling is likely going to be higher than you think it is. We Buy Houses by the bank, the interest will increase. sell house fast by owner in Allentown Pennsylvania This can come as quite a surprise to sellers who expect their payoff to be the same as their last mortgage statement principal balance. find out more here

At times, buyers might want the seller to pay closing costs; this may be because they need to get a loan. Sell house fast by owner in Union County New Jersey. It is not uncommon for the seller to pay about 3-4% of the closing costs for the buyer. find out more here The best way to get the most money find out more here Most buyers sell house fast by owner in Hillsboro Oregon that any touch-ups you are able to pay for and perform that need to be done, are done. sell house fast by owner in Broward County Florida

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What If Your House Isn’t Selling?


It may be time to postpone

It might be a good idea to take your home off the MLS and let the market die down a little. If there is a lot of competition and your home just doesn’t seem to be moving, now likely isn’t the best time. sell house fast by owner in Hillsboro Oregon Go ahead and take it down and list it fresh after a few months.

Take Out a New Mortgage

You might want to consider taking out a second mortgage; this is a good idea if you can’t afford your mortgage right now. You may be able to make a deal with your lender if you have an ARM plan. Call the bank, read more

Rent Your Home

Renting out your house is a real option you should consider. it brings in a steady income while your house sits vacant as you keep paying for it. we buy houses in Chandler Arizona This is especially a good idea if you have to leave very quickly. You can get it rented, and sort out the details of selling it later. and hire people if repairs become necessary. Getting a call from a tenant at 10 pm is not ideal. Ask neighbors Consider a Short Sale

If you’ve purchased your home within the past few years, it’s possible that you owe we buy houses in Chandler Arizona more than your home is worth. Read more. Talk to a realtor who specializes in short sales, as they may very well be able to negotiate with your lender to accept less than your mortgage balance.

Offer Your Home on a Lease Option

Another good thing to discuss with your realtor about is doing a lease option; a lease option find out more here is a good idea for borrowers who can’t buy a home through the traditional financing methods, and can’t decide whether or not to rent or purchase. Also known as “rent-to-own,” this situation gives the tenant the opportunity to buy the home later down the road if they wish. Relocation

If your employer is transferring you out of town, you might want to ask about a ‘guaranteed purchase program.’ Many employers really do hire relocation companies that offer buy outs for employees. know that your employer read more has a relocation program if you don’t ask.

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Tips to Sell Your Home Faster


Tips to Getting and Keeping Buyers

First things first, the front porch and walkway give buyers their first impression of your home. www.WeBuyAlbanyHouses.comApplying fresh paint to your front door should be the first thing you do. Also as important, replace the front door knocker, knob and other worn hardware.

Be sure to plant colorful flowers, which viewers can see from far away. we buy houses in Paterson New Jersey. It also adds a ‘pop’ to the front of your yard. Any broken wood on fences should be replaced, and the lawn should be mowed frequently We Buy Houses

Declutter and Clean

Decluttering can be scary. Sometimes, read more it can be a Hoarders episode; every house has a lot of “junk.” Old things you never wanted to throw away, we buy houses in Madison Wisconsin clothes you thought one day you’d like again, or that you might fit back into. Everybody has clutter. sell house fast by owner in Staten Island New York But when you’re trying to sell your home, its go to go. we buy houses in Arlington Texas

In the Kitchen

•Clear off all counters; even the toaster. find out more here
•Pack away rarely used staples like seasonal find out more here cookie cutters, extra aprons, and unusual spices to air out pantries, drawers and cabinets. People need to envision read more


•Remove perfume, jewelry, or anything else that makes your sell house fast by owner in Broward County Florida bathroom ‘yours.’
•Be sure the beds are neatly made, if the furniture is still in the home. find out more here
•Refresh shelf and drawer liners; these aren’t attractive, and more than likely, need We Buy Houses
•Add new caulking to the tub and sink. read more


•Pack up excess clothing sell house fast by owner in Staten Island New York and linens
•Be sure that nice, clean, new linens we buy houses in Arlington Texas are on all beds.
•Pack away family photos. find out more here

Living, Dining & Family Rooms

•Clear out items like old read more magazines, newspapers, and the like.
•Clean curtains and drapes. sell house fast by owner in Baltimore Maryland They are like the capital we buy houses in Excelsior Springs Missouri for dust, and should be vacuumed and puffed out.
•Be sure the artwork on the walls You may need to pack some away.
•Examine walls and woodwork for dirt You don’t need ten pillows on the sofa.
•Keep only a few toys out for children. Pack the rest away; choose their favorites. Have an easily accessible basket to store them in for when buyers come to view the home.

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Home inspections – How do they do it

Whether you’re buying a new house or you just want to make sure your current home is safe for living. read more and walls aren’t collapsing. Not so true. Let’s see what you need to check and inspect.

Do you want to do it yourself or do you need a professional?

homeinspectSome of the inspecting Before you sign any contracts, you certainly want to make sure you’re investing in something we buy houses in Excelsior Springs Missouri that will last and be safe.

Professional examination of a house usually lasts two or three hours. Just to be sure, you could ask to sell house fast by owner in Baltimore Maryland be present and see it for yourself. Find out more here. If you’re buying a house and some major flaws are found in the house you wanted, you can easily find out more here back out and pull your offer back.

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Is it really helpful and needed?

 The inspection will make you see what are the things that should be repaired, fixed, whether there are some safety issues and also things in your house that should be monitored. They may not represent any major defects we buy houses in Excelsior Springs Missouri now, but in the future they might be. So, the answer is yes. we buy houses in Richmond Virginia Every once in a while you should have your home inspected, and certainly when buying a new one.

What should be inspected?


bg-homeInspection2Even though you might think that examination of the interior is enough to be safe, exterior should also be inspected. find out more here The rule is: from the ground to the roof. Starting from the bottom, the foundation We Buy Houses Wall may have some cosmetic issues that could be repaired easily but cracks could sell house fast by owner in Greenville South Carolina easily be inviting for dangerous termites. Another thing to avoid. Garages can contain water heater which should be installed high enough. If not, there could be a risk of explosion. read more could enter your home, in addition to poor installation it might be a major safety issue.

 How about interiour?

 Inspection of interior Although you might feel like leacking is simply annoying, sell house fast by owner in Tucson Arizona it should be repaired instantly. Old pipes need to be replaced, and you can expect the professionals to tell you how much will it cost you. All the wiring and heating should be very well examined. Inspectors should be able to recommend you when to examine your house for the next time. Be sure that everything they qualified we buy houses in St Petersburg Florida as a safety issue should not be ignored. And remeber, find time to go along with the inspector.

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